Rachel Whicomb Singer Songwriter

Rachel Whitcomb is a singer songwriter of Americana and country music in Pittsburgh, PA. Rachel has always been drawn to the emotional side of country music, where melodies and lyrics intersect in simple yet meaningful ways to tell heartfelt stories. Her music is intended to make the listener feel…by sharing honest personal experiences that are relatable to many walks of life. Her musical sensitivity and stage presence showcase a sexy yet vulnerable quality that allows her to truly express the story behind each song. Her recordings and live shows rely heavily on acoustic choices, but an electric or steel guitar can always find a place in the traditional sounds of her music.


Rachel holds a Doctorate of Education in Music Education and is an Associate Professor of Music Education at Duquesne University. Much of her academic work has been devoted to spontaneous musical experiences in early childhood. She strongly believes that music of all types should be included in schools so that children can have an outlet for expression that is relevant to the music in their lives outside of school. In her own childhood experiences, there was a disconnect between the formal classical training she received and the rich country music she sang on her own and loved the most. Through her work as both a singer songwriter and teacher educator, she hopes to inspire others to unapologetically embrace the music they love and not be afraid to study it in and out of school. She has recently created a Songwriter Showcase on campus that provides a venue for undergraduate and graduate students of all disciplines to share their original songs.